Ivory Alter Panels, 12th century
Museo Diocesano, Salerno, Southern Italy
NT 29 & 30 Healing of the blind man at Siloam / The Marys at the empty tomb

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The 1st guardThe 2nd guardThe 3rd guard
Salerno Ivories
Museo diocesano, Salerno

The sleeping guards are referenced as figure 603A in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
603A to 603E. Ivory alter-back, A - Guards at the Tomb, B - Herod's Soldiers, C - Sacrifice of Isaac, D - Guards at the Crucifixion, E - Massacre of the Innocents, 1100-1150 AD, Sicilian or south Italian, Cathedral Museum, Salerno (Car).
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Sicilian Greek Infantryman, 11th Century in Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath, based on The Sleeping Guards on this Ivory Alter Panel, Museo Diocesano, Salerno, Southern Italy