Illustration of
David and Goliath. Tomich Psalter, Kilifarefski Monastery, Bulgaria, 1360s.
State Museum of History GIM 2752.

The so-called Tomich Psalter (301 sheets of paper) was also commissioned in the 60s of the 14th century during the reign of Tsar Ivan Alexander. It is named after its owner, who donated it to the State Museum of History in the beginning of the 20th century, GIM No 2752. The manuscript was produced in the Kilifarefski Monastery situated in the surroundings of the capital city of Bulgaria – Tarnovo and it was most probably commissioned by Theodosius of Tarnovo. It contains 69 miniatures of the frieze type within the text, of which nine are on whole pages. As far as the style of the manuscript is concerned, it is the closest to the Paleologan art of iconography, as well as to the traditions of the Mount Athos workshops. This is also valid with regards to the scenes related to the Old and the New Testament. The Tomich Psalter is among the best specimen of manuscripts produced by the Slavs in the age of Paleologan art.
Source: Professor Axinia Dzurova GOLDEN PAGES OF MEDIEVAL BULGARIA / Ivo Hadjimishev.

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