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Tab from a Mamluk banner with linked crosses and pear-shaped medallion

Egypt, late 13th century - early 14th century

Date:late 13th century - early 14th century, Mamluk Period (1250 - 1517)
Material and technique: cotton, dyed red, and embroidered with white flax; linen lining, partly embroidered with white flax; with stitching in flax.
Dimensions: 19 x 15 cm (length x width), ground fabric (cotton), along length/width 14 / 16 threads/cm (thread count), ground fabric (linen), along length/width 26 / 26 threads/cm (thread count), ground fabric (cotton) 0.1 cm max. (thread diameter), ground fabric (cotton) 0.02 cm min. (thread diameter), ground fabric (linen) 0.04 cm (thread diameter).
Source: Ashmolean - Eastern Art Online, Yousef Jameel Centre for Islamic and Asian Art Accession no. EA1984.240

Tabs from a Mamluk banner with fleur-de-lys, blazon, and trefoils
Tabs from a Mamluk banner with circles containing a diamond-shape

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