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Illustrations from

Chronica Hungarorum of Thuróczy János, Hungary, 1488

p.32 (b03r), In this battle Captain Kewe disappeared

p.33 (b03v), A battle between Romans and Huns

p.73 (d07v), In this battle against the West the
Hungarians lost 3,000 men

p.9 (fIVr), Legend of Saint Ladislas

p.120 (g07r), Ladislas

p.267 (r06v), John Hunyadi

p.259 (r02v), A battle against light cavalry.

p.283 (s06v), A siege of a city.

p.311 (xo1v), The Mongols invaded
Hungary during the reign of King Bela IV
Source: Hungarian Digital Library

The compositions shown on p.32 and p.33 & p.259 are repeated a number of times through the manuscript.

'Chronica Hungarorum' of Thuróczy János. German translation made in Bavaria, Heidelberg manuscript Cod. Pal. germ. 156, 1490AD
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