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Hussite Wagon Fortress, 1437

A larger image of folio 147v, Germans fighting Hussites

A larger image of folio 148r, Hussite Wagon Fortress

Title: Sammelhandschrift zur Kriegskunst (Collective manuscript on the art of war)
Various authors; Johannes Wienner [scribe]
Location: Vienna
Date: mid-15th century; c.1437
Dimensions: 305 x 207 mm
Writing material: paper and parchment
Cover: Restored original binding: Red leather with pastel lines (diamond pattern) over wooden covers, Vienna ?, 15th century.
Illustrations: Numerous coloured pen drawings on 227 pages
Cod. 3062 Han
Bl. 41v-240r = (Pseudo-)Johannes Hartlieb: 'Kriegsbuch' = neu konzipierte 7-Kapitel-Fassung von Konrad Kyeser: 'Bellifortis' (dt., 5. Übersetzungsstrang)
Folios 41v to 240r contain (Pseudo-)Johannes Hartlieb: War Book = newly designed 7-chapter version of Konrad Kyeser: Bellifortis (5th translation.)
Source: Wien Bildarchiv der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek images 315 & 316

Proposed German War Wagon?, 1437

A larger image of folio 149r, Proposed German War Wagon?

image 318

A Hussite War-Wagon c.1430 from Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2 by Ian Heath, based on the Johannes Hartlieb: 'Kriegsbuch' miniature
A Hussite War Wagon, circa 1445-50, from Das Buch von Kaiser
Krumlov Codex, Hussite, Bohemia, c.1420. Austrian National Library (Code 370).
Other 15th Century Illustrations Costume & Soldiers