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Byzantine Soldiers on a Tomb in Hagia Sophia, Trebizond, 15th century

The costumes of these Trapezuntine warriors, from a 15th century tomb in Trebizond's Hagia Sophia, clearly demonstrate the Turkish influence prevalent amongst the local Byzantine and Laz population. The mounted figures, below, wear white hats, yellow boots and red coats (one with a white pattern), while the standing figure, right, wears a white coat and yellow tunic. Source: pp.44-45 in Byzantine Armies AD 1118-1461 by Ian Heath & Angus McBride

Trapezuntine Byzantines 15th century in Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2 by Ian Heath, based on this tomb in Hagia Sophia, Trebizond
See also March (Aries) as a mounted warrior in Typikon, Byzantine Trebizond, Vatopedi Cod. 1199, 1346AD.
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