The tomb effigy of Újlaki Miklós, c.1477, Újlak, Slavonia, Croatia
Born 1410, deceased 1477

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Another large image of the tomb effigy of Újlaki Miklós, c.1477, Újlak, Slavonia, Croatia.
Miklós Újlaki's tomb stone, Újlak
From: "Fraknói Vilmos: A Hunyadiak és a Jagellók kora" In: A magyar nemzet története. Edited by: Szilágyi Sándor. Athéneum, Budapest, 1896, volume IV, p 195
Sources: National Hungarian Archive & Újlak titka

In Croatian, the town is known as Ilok, in German as Illok, in Hungarian as Újlak and in Turkish as Uyluk. In the Hungarian language "Újlak" means "new dwelling or lodge".
Nicholas of Ilok (Bosnian and Croatian: Nikola Iločki, Hungarian: Újlaki Miklós; 1410–1477) was Ban of Croatia, Slavonia, Dalmatia and Macsó, Voivode of Transylvania and titular King of Bosnia from 1471 until his death.

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