Print made by Leonhard Beck of
The Battle of Krbava in Croatia, c.1514-6

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Object type: print book-illustration
British Museum number: 1837,0616.291
Description: The battle of Krbava in Croatia; chaotic fight between the Turks (dressed in oriental costume and with turbans) and imperial troops. One Turk holding up a head, while blood is pouring forth from the headless body of his enemy at his feet. Another Turk cutting off a soldier's nose. In the background a swordfight and three Turks on horseback parading heads of their enemies on sticks. Early proof. c.1514-6 Woodcut
Producer name: Print made by: Leonhard Beck
School/style: German
Date: 1514-1516 (circa)
Materials: paper
Technique: woodcut
Dimensions: Height: 219 millimetres Width: 196 millimetres
Curator's comments: Corresponds to plate 82 of the 1775 edition. Illustrating the fight against the Turks in Croatia in 1493 - or in this case rather the supposed cruelty and barbarism of the Turks. The same battle also appears in a relief on Maximilian's tomb in the Hofkirche, Innsbruck. The battle at Krbava in 1493 (September 9th,) inflicted a terrible defeat on the Croatian forces, who were led by Viceroy Emerik Derencin. They were defeated by the Ottoman governor of Bosnia, Hadum Yakub pasha. Almost the entire Croatian aristocracy was wiped out in this battle.

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