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Effigy of Ivan Lenković, Croatia, 1569

A larger image of this Effigy of Ivan Lenković, Nehaj, Croatia, 1569.

Photo by Boris Racki
Located at the fortress of Nehaj near the City of Senj (Hungarian Zenng, Italian Segna)

Ivan Lenković was a Habsburg Croatian army general and the leader of the Uskoks. He is noted for the construction of Fortress Nehaj and as a captain of the Senj area.

During the Ottoman wars in Europe, Klis Fortress was on 7 April 1569, liberated by Split noblemen Ivan Alberti and Nikola Cindro. Bey Mustafa responded by beseiging Klis Fortress with more than 10,000 soldiers. General Ivan Lenković with 1,000 Uskoks came to relieve Klis and its 1,500 defenders. During the battle Ivan Lenković withdrew when wounded and the fortress fell to the Turks, on 31 May. He died in Metlika, Slovenia on 22 June 1569.

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