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Kizil Caves Fresco

Maya Cave

Eight Kings of the Relics Story

A larger image of the Eight Kings of the Relics Story, Tarim Basin

Picture source: Grünwedel, Albert Alt-Kutscha
Description translated from the Chinese from
Berlin Museum of Indian Arts possession. Kizil Cave West 205, corridor wall. An indisputable Buddhist relic.

'Eight Kings of the relics story' fresco, dressed in various types of armour, armed with the weapons of the warrior image, the story of the Buddhists going into the far-off countries in order to worship the pagoda relic at Kushinagar City and to use force to loot them, under the leadership of a Brahmin named Hong surnamed King, the eight split the relic (the picture above). Each transported back from the pagoda their share.
As for the origin of this warrior image, due to the lack of local Kucha warrior image data for comparison, we can not draw definitive conclusions, but some picture warriors wearing a pointed helmet, wearing stripes and a collar characteristically turned, does not rule out the possibility that such clothing originated in Central Asia. (Source: Phoenix Buddhism)

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