The "Novo-Bayazet Plate"
A Sasanian King Hunting a Boar, a Bear, and a Lion

Picture source: StudyBlue
Plate depicting hunting scene with the Sasanian ruler
Iran. 7th c. Silver with gilding. Dia.: 18.6 cm.
Found in 1907 at Novo-Bayazet, Erivan province (Armenia). Ex-Botkin Collection.
Pub.: Smirnov, Vostochnoe serebro, no. 309; Trever and Lukonin, Sasanidskoe serebro (Moscow, 1987), pp. 78-79. Museum fuer Islamische Kunst, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (Museum of Islamic Art) Inv. Nr. I.4925
Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin::Sasanian Collection.

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