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Tamara Talbot Rice

Silver dish from the Oxus Treasure

A larger image of this silver dish with the triumph of Dionysius from the Oxus Treasure

Referenced as Illustration 72, p86 in Tamara Talbot Rice, Ancient Arts of Central Asia, 1965
72 Silver dish from the Oxus Treasure showing the triumph of Dionysius, with, beside him, Ariadne and Heracles. Parthian artists were profoundly influenced by Hellenism which often provided both the subject and the style of a composition. However, Central Asian customs dictated the inclusion of a solar disc or rosette and that the animal be flanked with flowers. Second century
72 Bowl: Triumph of Dionysus with Ariadne and Heracles in relief. Silver. Diam. 9″ (22.6). Parthian, c. 200. Oxus Treasure. Photo: Courtesy Trustees of the British Museum

Parthia, an extract from ANCIENT ARTS OF CENTRAL ASIA by Tamara Talbot Rice
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