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Draconarius stone, Chester

A larger image of the Sarmatian Draconarius stone, Chester

Referenced in The Sarmatians 600 BC-AD 450 by Richard Brzezinski (Author), Gerry Embleton (Illustrator)
Draconarius (standardbearer) on a late 2nd or 3rd century AD funeral stele from the Roman camp at Chester, England. The head of this horseman's draco standard is damaged and there is no inscription, but the equipment suggests that the rider is a Sarmatian. His headgear is often interpreted as a spangenhelm-type helmet, but might be a flower-pot-shaped felt cap. His sword appears to be fastened in Sarmatian style along the right thigh. Some authors see texturing that suggests horse armour, but this is difficult to confirm on photographs. (Grosvenor Museum, Chester, England)

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