Scythian gold appliqué with two archers, Kul Oba burial, Crimea, 4th century BC

A larger image of this Scythian gold archers appliqué, Kul Oba burial, Crimea

Referenced on p29 Scythians 700-300 B.C. by E.V.Cernenko, A.McBride, M.V.Gorelik
A gold decorative plaque showing Scythian archers, from the 4th century Kul Oba burial. Note fur-trimmed jackets, decorated trouser, and short boots. The top-knot hairstyle (cf Plate B) is unusual in Scythian pictorial work. The short, sharply recurved bows are accentuated here.

Another matching Scythian gold appliqué with two archers

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