Sehinsehname or Shahin-Shah-nama ('Book of the King of Kings'),
written by Seyyid Lokman, 1595-7, probably illustrated by Nakkas 'Osman.

Episode from the circumcision ceremonies of the future Mehmed III, in 1582.
A firework display.

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Ms. B.200, Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul.
Source: Werner Forman Archive (registration required).

Other Illustrations from the Shahin-Shah-nama or Sehinsehname, by Seyyid Lokman, 1595-97:
Sultan Murad III's Expedition to Revan
Occupation of Erevan
Sultan Murad III, upon the walls of Istanbul, anticipates the arrival of the Safavids
Osman Pasa and Ja'far Pasa, Ottoman governor of Shirvan, in battle against the Cossacks
The departure of the prince's party from the Eski Saray, to the Hippodrome.

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