An illustration from Eğri Fetihnâmesi by Nakkaš Hasan showing Ottoman soldiers.
Battle of Keresztes

A larger image of the Battle of Keresztes (Hacova), 1596 in Eğri Fetihnâmesi by Nakkaš Hasan, c.1600. Ottoman.

The Battle of Hacova (Keresztes) in Hungary in 1596, When the Ottomans Vanquished the Hapsburg Forces
Eğri Fetihnâmesi by Nakkaš Hasan, c.1600
Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi Ms. Haz. 1609
Folios 50b and 51a

Behind the Ottoman artillery are the Janissaries and supporting cavalry, then a few Peyks lead two columns of Solaks to the flanks of Sultan Mehmed III, then his Silhidar weapon bearers, seven large furled standards and a mixed body of officials.
At top is a group of light cavalry, at least some are dellis. In front of them enemy heads are being presented to a leader while a scribe makes notes. On the flanks at rear are sipahis, perhaps Kapikulu.

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