Illustration from the Süleymanname showing Ottomans

Kalender Çelebi's Rebellion, Karaçayir

A larger image (1.7MB) of Kalender Çelebi's Rebellion, Karaçayir in the Süleymanname.
Topkapi Sarai Museum, Ms Hazine 1517. Photo by Ottoman History Podcast

In 1527, a large rebellion in Eastern Anatolia led by Kalender Çelebi, a purported descendent of Hacı Bektaş Veli, the founder of the Bektaşi order. This shiite rebellion that was aligned with the Safavids in Iran was eventually crushed by Süleyman's forces under the command of Ibrahim Pasha. This scene depicts some of the Kalender's rebels grusomely slaying the guards of the fortress in Karaçayir while other rebels plot and discuss on the left. The rebels at Karaçayir managed to kill several Ottoman commanders and Behram Pasha, who was the Ottoman official stationed there, barely made it out alive.

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