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Ottoman Military Illustrations from:

Elbicei Atika. Musée des Anciens Costumes Turcs de Constantinople, par Jean Brindesi

Elbicei Antiquities. Museum of Old Turkish Costumes of Istanbul

by Jean Brindesi and colourists: Bayalos, Raunheim and Lemoine.

Published by Lemercier, Paris, 1855

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The pages have four groups of captions: 1) In modern Turkish, 2) A French transliteration of the Ottoman Turkish, 3) A description in French 4) A description in English.
Sources: Bibliothèque nationale de France & NYPL.

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Padishah, Sultan Mahmud II. Kehaya Bey, Minister of the Interior. Sadr'Azam, Grand Vizier.
Yenitcheri Acasi, Janissary Aga, Reis-Efendi, Foreign Minister. Shaykh Al-Islam, Grand Mufti. Tchaouch Bachi Chatir, The Executor of the Laws.
Kazasker, Grand Judge. Captan Pasha, Grand Admiral. Tschohadar, Officer of the Admiralty.
Pirpiri Esnaf, Janissary (worker). Ousta, Captain. Galiodji, Seaman. Touloumbadji, Fireman.
Yol Hasseki, Inspector of Roads. Tchohadar, Sergeant of the Guard Corps Commander. Boluk-Agasi, Commander of a Guard Corps.
Ketzeli, Janissary in official costume. Nizam-i Djedid bimbashi, Battalion Chief of the first Reform of Sultan Mahmoud. Topdji Bachi, Chief of Artillery. Bimbashi, Battalion Chief of the Reform.
Souvari Topdji Neferi, Gunner, Horse Artillery. Piade Topdji Yuzbachi, Captain of Foot Artillery. Souvari Topdji Neferi, Gunner, Foot Artillery.
Khoumbaradji, Mortar Gunners.
Eghri Calpaklissi, Soldier of the Reform. Choubara Néféri, Soldier (1st Reform). Nizami Djedid Néféri, Soldier (Reform of Sultan Selim). Choubara Néféri, Soldier (1st Reform of Sultan Mahmoud)
The distribution of soup (to the Guard Corps).
Bash-Karakoulouktchou, Chief Cook's Assistant (Officer). Karakoulouktchou, Cook's Assistants. Sakassi Orta, Water Carrier (Officer).

Koulouk Néféri, Janissary of the Guard Corps. Ketzeli, Pay Officer of the 25th Battalion. Oda Bashi, Room Leader. Koulouk Bariaktari, Sub-Officer of the Guard Corps.
Bash Cavus, Officer of Order. Kol Kiayassi, Lieutenant General. Capidji Baschi, Chamberlain. Tschaousch Orta, Regimental Fourrier.
Cara Coulouktjou, Chasseur of the 33rd Battalion. Ousta, Senior Officer (ceremonial dress). Cara Coulouktjou, Chasseur of the 33rd Battalion..
Djébéhané Cara-Coulouktchi, Weapons Room Guard. Djébéhané Tchorbadjissi, Colonel of the Armorers. Bostandji, Guard of the Imperial Palace of Adrianople. Chatir, runner.
Salma Néféri, Soldiers of Police (Patrol). Nobetchi, ADC to the Lieutenant General. Hasseki Aga, Messenger of the Palace (Officer).
Bektashi Emin Baba Seirdin-Ustasi (Chief of the Buffoons). Dervish. Soitari, Buffoon of the Volunteers. Deli Bashi, Chief of irregular cavalry.
Tschohadar, Footman of the Grand Vizier. Divan Tschaousch, Usher of the Divan. Iassaktji, Guard of the Ambassadors.
Musdedji Bashi (new holder). Saraz Bashi (saddler of the 64th Battalion). Serden-Ghesti-Agassi, Chief of Volunteers. Sali-Ousta, Captain of the 1st Battalion. Djebedjilerin Kiayassi, General of Artillery
Kislar Aga, Chief of the Black Eunuchs. Djudjé, Dwarf. Ak Aga, Chief of the White Eunuchs.
Enderoun Houmayoun Itch-Aghalar, Pages in the Palace. Djudjé, Palace Dwarf. Enderoun Houmayoun Dilcisi, Palace Mute (Page).
Bachi-Tchohadar, 1st valet of the Sultan. Silahtar-Aga, Sword Bearer. Solak, Peik, Guards of Honour.
Ich-Oghlan Chaush, Master of Ceremonies (& lower order). Zuluflu Baltadji, White Eunuch in the Service of the Harem. Eski Sarai Baltadji, Valets of former Sultans. Muezzin, Crier of Prayers.

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