Haiden (Pagans), 1526

Object typeprint
British Museum number1845,0809.1344
Title (object)Haiden (Pagans)
Title (series)Süleyman and his cortege
DescriptionThree archers on horseback, riding to left, wearing turbans; after Jan Swart (Hollstein 11); fourth of a series of five etchings. Etching
Producer namePrint made by: Daniel Hopfer
DimensionsHeight: 224 millimetres
Width: 157 millimetres
InscriptionsInscription Content
Signed with monogram in the plate, centre left. Lettered 'HAIDEN' at upper edge. Numbered 'IIII' at lower centre.
BibliographyHollstein 67.I
Bartsch VIII.487.59
LocationGerman XVIc Mounted Roy

This is based on Three Ottoman horse archers - Haiden (Pagans), by Jan Swart van Groningen, 1526
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