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Ilkhanid Illustration
Caesar's envoys before Anushirvan
from the 1341 Inju Shahnama, Shiraz

The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland
Manuscript Per 110
Chapter 41 - Kisra Anushirvan (48 years)
Accession Number: Per 110.83r
Scene: Caesar's envoys before Anushirvan
English Title: Anushirvan, enthroned, receiving the embassador of the Qaisar of Rum
Dimensions (h x w): 86 x 235 mm
Format: Stepped within borders
Reconstructed Folio: 274r
Hijri Date: 741 Dhu'l-Qa'da 20
Gregorian Date: 1341 May 15
School: Shiraz
Source: Shahnama Project

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