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Ilkhanid Illustration
The fire ordeal of Siyavush
from the 1341 Inju Shahnama, Shiraz

A larger image of 'The fire ordeal of Siyavush'. 1341 Shahnama - Inju Dynasty, Shiraz. McGill University Libraries, Montreal, Canada. Ms. Persian 4.'

Title: Siyawush swearing by the fire
Date: 741 H, 1341 AD
1 sheet : 36 x 30 cm
A narrative poem
22 lines per page, nasta'aliq hand with elements of shikastah, rule-borders, divided into 6 columns, black ink
Contains one illuminated Miniature of Siyawush swearing by the fire
Shahnamh poems on both sides
From Shiraz
Dedicated to Wazir al-Hasan Qiwam al-Dawla wa'l-Din.
Written on a brown paper, illuminated miniature, stained, restored on the margins
Call Number: Persian MS 4
Source: McGill University Library on

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