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Ilkhanid Illustration
The great sages mourn the death of Iskandar
from the 1341 Inju Shahnama, Shiraz

A larger image of 'The great sages mourn the death of Iskandar'. 1341 Shahnama - Inju Dynasty, Shiraz. McGill University Libraries, Montreal, Canada. Ms. Persian 5.'

Title: The great sages mourn the death of Iskandar
Date: 741 H 1341 AD
Notes: Iskander in the Shahnameh is seen as the son of Darab of Iran and the daughter of Filaqus. He will refuse tribute to Darabís son and go on to conquer Iran and later visit Mecca. In this scene, we witness the great sages mourning his death.
Physical Description: image.painting.miniature 16.2 x 24.6 cm
Language: Persian
Origin: Shiraz, Iran
Script: Naskhi
Patron: Qavam al-Daula w'al-Din Hasan.
Subject: Manuscript, Persian
Call Number: Persian MS 5
Source: Rare Books and Special Collections Division, McGill University Libraries, Montreal, Canada

Accession Number: Ms. Persian 5
Scene: The great sages mourn the death of Iskandar
Dimensions (h x w): 162 x 246 mm
Format: Stepped within borders
Hijri Date: 741 Dhu'l-Qa'da 20
Gregorian Date: 1341 May 14
School: Inju
Note: A second folio of the 1341 Inju Shahnama. The maximum dimensions of the painting are given, including the slight protrusions that cut the margins. Pyramid structure.
Source: Shahnama Project

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