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Ilkhanid Illustration
Yazdgird Shahriyar Enthroned
from the 1341 Inju Shahnama, Shiraz

A larger image of Yazdgird Shahriyar Enthroned. 1341 Shahnama - Inju Dynasty, Shiraz.

Folio from a Shahnama (Book of kings) by Firdawsi (d.1020); verso: Yazdgird enthroned; recto: text.
Detached folio from a dispersed copy of the Shahnama (Book of kings) by Firdawsi.

Calligrapher: Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Husayni (Mawsili)
Patron: Qiwam al-Dawla wa'l-Din
Historical period: Inju dynasty, Mongol period, February 1341 (Ramadan 741 A.H.)
Medium: Ink, opaque watercolor and gold on paper
H x W: 36 x 29.2 cm (14 3/16 x 11 1/2 in)
Geography: Iran, Shiraz
Accession Number: S1986.118
Classification: Manuscript
Type: Detached manuscript folio
Source: Freer | Sackler

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