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Illustrations from the Second Small Shahnama, Tabriz or Baghdad, c.1300 showing Ilkhanid Mongols

Faranak, Faridun and the cowherd
Chapter 5 - Zahhak

Sam receives Sindukht as envoy from the King
of Kabul
Chapter 7 - Manuchihr (120 years)

Rustam catches (the horse) Rakhsh
Chapter 10 - Garshasp

Rustam lifts Afrasiyab by the belt
Chapter 11 - Kay Qubad

Siyavush plays polo before Afrasiyab
Chapter 12d - Siyavush

The fourth combat: Furuhil fights Zangala
Chapter 13f - The Twelve Rukhs (champions)

The sixth combat: Bizhan fights Ruyin
Chapter 13f - The Twelve Rukhs (champions)

Gudarz kills Piran
Chapter 13f - The Twelve Rukhs (champions)

Arjasp's Horsemen Killing Luhrasp
Chapter 15 - Gushtasp

Isfandiyar fights the Turanians
Chapter 15 - Gushtasp

Shah Shapur besieges the fortress of the
Arabian chieftain Taʾir in Yemen
Chapter 29 - Shapur Zul-aktaf

Bahram Gur at the Home of Baraham the Jew
Chapter 35 - Bahram Gur (1)

Bahram Gur in a Peasant's House
Chapter 35 - Bahram Gur (1)

Mihran Sitad asks the Khaqan to give his
daughter to Anushirvan as a wife
Chapter 41 - Kisra Anushirvan (48 years)

Mubad-i Mubadan Brings Food to the
Captive Vizier Izad-i Gashasp
Although the arts of the book in Iran enjoyed great prestige prior to the Mongol invasion of the mid-thirteenth century, the earliest extant illustrated manuscripts date from the reign of the Ilkhanid dynasty (1256-1336). Among this group are several copies of the Shahnama (Book of kings), the Persian national epic. Composed in the year 1010 by the poet Firdawsi, the Shahnama recounts the stories of legendary and historical kings and heroes. Its colourful combination of fact and fantasy has meant that it is the most frequently illustrated text in Iran. The earliest known copies are referred to as the first and second "small" Shahnama, respectively.

The folios of the Second Small Shahnama are dispersed in a number of collections.

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