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Ilkhanid Illustration
Great Mongol (Demotte) Shahnama
Chapter 41 - Kisra Anushirvan (48 years).
Anushirvan's fourth majlis for Buzurjmihr.

Tabriz, Persia, c.1335AD

Text Page, Persian Verses (Recto); Portrait of Nushirwan the Just (Verso), 1330-1335
Iran, Tabriz, Mongol Period (Ilkhanid), 14th Century
Opaque watercolor, ink, and gold on paper,
Sheet: 59.3 x 40.2 cm (23 3/8 x 15 13/16 in.).
John L. Severance Fund 1959.330

Mongol interest in the production of illustrated manuscripts eventually focused on Persian epic poetry. The Shahnama, a compilation of the epics and tales of Iran's legendary heroes, was a natural choice; the book included many subjects that suited Mongol taste, such as banquets, battles, hunting, and magical or fantastic events. Seated on the throne in the center of the painting is the Sasanian ruler of Iran, Khusraw I Anushirwan (531579), descendant of Bahram Gur. Above the king's head an inscription reads, "Picture of Nushirwan the Just." The figure in the elaborate turban to the left of the king is probably the young Minister Buzurgmihr, famous for his wisdom and virtue. To celebrate the explanation of a troublesome dream by Buzurgmihr, Nushirwan held a series of seven banquets. The text around this painting describes the fifth banquet.
Source: Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland, Cleveland Museum of Art
Title of Work: Shahnama (Great Mongol)
Manuscript: 1943.658-1959.330
Accession Number: 59.330
Chapter 41 - Kisra Anushirvan (48 years)
Scene: Aushirvan's (sic) fourth majlis for Buzurjmihr
Dimensions (h x w): 210 x 200 mm
Format: Rectangular into the margins
Reconstructed Folio: 229v
Gregorian Date: 1335 (circa)
School: Tabriz, Ilkhanid period
Source: Shahnama Project

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