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Ilkhanid Illustration
Great Mongol (Demotte) Shahnama
Chapter 7 - Manuchihr (120 years).
'Rudaba lets down her hair for Zal to climb up'

Tabriz, Persia, c.1335AD

Image source: Plate XIII, Les arts de l'Iran, l'ancienne Perse et Bagdad : exposition, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, 1938 / Bibliothèque nationale ; catalogue rédigé par Henry Corbin, et al

9. Zāl Climbs to the Room of Rūdāba
Collection.—Charles Gillet, Lyons.
Text—Mohl, op. cit., I, 208; Warner, op. cit., I, 271.
Zāl, the white haired son of the paladin, Sām, falls in love with Rūdāba, daughter of the idolatrous king of Kabul, much to the displeasure of everyone. According to the text, Rūdāba lets down her splendid hair, which Zāl uses as a ladder. The miniature, however, does not follow the text exactly, since Zāl is shown climbing up a rope.
Reproductions.—Paris, Arch. Phot., 8594: Paris. Bibliothéque Nationale; Corbin, op. cit., Pl. XIII; M. S. Dimand, “Islamic Miniature Painting and Book Illumination,” Bull. Metropolitan Mus. Art, XXVIII (1933), No. 10, Pl. opp. p. 166; De Lorey, op. cit., Pl. XVII B; idem, “Les Miniatures musulmanes exposées au Metropolitan Museum,” Beaux arts, n.s., 72 (1933), No. 44, I; A. B. Sakisian. La Miniature persane du XIIe au XVIIe siécle (Paris et Bruxelles, 1929), Pl. XXV, Fig. 36; P. W. Schulz, Die persische-islamische Miniaturmalerei (Leipzig, 1914), II, Pl. 29.
Exhibitions.—New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1933—34. Paris: Bibliothéque Nationale, 1938; see Corbin op. cit., p.136. No. 9.
Brian, Doris. "A Reconstitution of the Miniature Cycle in the Demotte Shah Namah." in Ars Islamica 6, 1939, pp. 97-112.

Lyons, Private collection
Title of Work: Shahnama (Great Mongol)
Manuscript: Brian 9
Chapter 7 - Manuchihr (120 years)
Scene: Rudaba lets down her hair for Zal to climb up
English Title: Zal climbing to Rudaba
Dimensions (h x w): 300 x 200 mm
Format: Irregular, random into the margins
Reconstructed Folio: 017v
Gregorian Date: 1335 (circa)
School: Tabriz
Source: Shahnama Project

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