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Cup with horseman

Khwarezm c.7th to beginning of the 8th Century

Cup with horseman.
7th-beginning 8th century, Khwarezm. Silver, gilding. H. 5.7 cm., Dia. 13.4 cm.
Found 1886, vill. Nizhne-Shakharovka, Perm province with several Sasanian dishes. Ex-Archaeological Commission; acq. 1891.
Published: Smirnov no. 46; Darkevich no. 17, pl. 25/1-2, pp. 15-16; Scythian 1969, no. 96.
Held by the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg. Source

fig. 35, p 49, Bilderatlas zur Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Mittel-Asiens : vol.1 by Albert von Le Coq
Sasanian silver bowl (after Smirnoff). Rider with lappeled coat, hairstyle and quiver of the Riders of Kucha; the mane of the horse has hair ornaments (or braids) (see fig 32, 33, 99 and 100.)

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