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Illustration of Turkmen Soldiers, 'Big Head Shahnama', Gilan, Iran, 1494.

The Battle Between Kay Khusraw and the King of Makran

An even larger image of the Battle Between Kay Khusraw and the King of Makran
From The David Collection museum in Denmark. Iran, Lahijan; 1494 Leaf: 34.5 × 24.5 cm
Within the colorful Turkmen painting done in western Iran in the 15th century, the “Big Head Shah-nama” is in a class of its own. Its name comes from the unusually monumental rendition of the figures in many of the miniatures, like this one. In addition, the scenes are exceptionally colorful and dynamic.
The manuscript was commissioned by Karkia Mirza Ali, a minor prince in the province of Gilan, south of the Caspian Sea. He made a name for himself in history by protecting the young Ismail, who was to found the Safavid dynasty a decade later.

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