An Elephant on a Seljuq Mina'i Bowl from Kashan. Fritware with Underglaze Cobalt and Overglaze Enamel, 1218AD

Mina'i Bowl from Kashan Fritware with Underglaze Cobalt and Overglaze Enamel 1218 CE.
On this bowl from Kashan, we see a very rare depiction of an elephant on mina'i ware. Typical scenes include tales from Persian legends, scenes from the hunt with falcons and horses, caravans, or court scenes. These paintings are often compared to those found in the miniatures of manuscript illumination from books of the period. Sometimes, the overglaze enamels were fired atop a turquoise colored glaze as well.
Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Seljuk Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers